Colorado's Winter Wonderland

Do most people who live in Colorado go skiing in the Winter? I often wonder what it is about plummeting down a hill at speeds I never thought possible and the control you would have to have to stay upright!

I love Colorado. I have been here now for two months. I live in Bailey, Colorado on the side of a mountain called #MountBailey, just shy of 10,000 feet. I am here to open my Photography business into the Colorado market. I am available for Weddings, Family and Boudoir Sessions. I know what you are thinking, what about Texas? As a #DestinationPhotographer, I can be in both areas at the same time! While #beaches are a #passion of mine, it is also time to expand my talents to other climates and other places in the world! I just happened to stumble onto hiring great talent for Corpus Christi, North Padre Island, Port Aransas and Rockport! (more about Nichole coming soon!)

My husband is a Professional Coach for Basketball. His profession has uprooted our adventures in Corpus Christi, Texas to the #EnidOutlaws of OKC. I am super excited for his next endeavors, plus taking some amazing #actionphotography of the #Outlaws, a Professional Basketball Team #TBL, will be fun and exciting for Shutterpix Photography! Once we are settled in OKC, Shutterpix Photography will be able to venture back and forth easily to my favorite places to shoot. Yep, you guessed it, COLORADO and TEXAS! (I can't leave out Nebraska too, my #homestate) I am looking forward to getting my feet wet in OKC and still booking #dreamy #weddings and #family #photography sessions in Colorado often!

Just last week Bailey Colorado snowed these little pellets. I have never seen this type of snow. They were almost like tiny pea sized snowballs! Have you ever liked to pop "bubble wrap"! HAHA, just like that!! But, the exciting part of the day was chasing the snow to the top of #GuanellaPass. My clients Sarah and Daniel brought their two dogs, Moxi and Playdough. The snow had changed into beautiful feathers in the air...

We started the day at 2pm. We were racing to get to the top to enjoy this beautiful backdrop of mountains in the distance. The chill in the air was #real! #guanellapass was chilly for this beautiful lady but the stark #reddress against the #winterwhite made these photos the #wonderland that you see here.

This beautiful setting was such a find for my couple. (scoped out the week before) This day just kept getting better! So, we made our way down the mountain to a gorgeous creek with #bridge.

A native tree to Colorado is the "Quaking Aspen" and these #Aspenstrees are a beautiful backdrop to any photo!

Sarah and Daniel are planning a 2022 Wedding #ceremony in the Florida Keys this November. So they will be getting the best of both worlds! #beaches & #mountains

I am super excited for them and #crossmyfingers, I will be traveling with them as their #destinationphotographer!

Our last part of the day was a beautiful sunset! Woah, what? Yep, in the mountains, it is very hard to bank on a sunset that is within reach of a professional photo session. I mean, the mountains surround you, right! Such a great ending to a most sacred day! #snowing #creeks #bridge #mountains #trails #photosession #engagementsession #ring #couple #aspens #lionsheadmountain #sunset #fog #Nikon #NikonD810

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