Death in Digital: What memories will die with your devices?

Okay, youve got to wonder what that title is all about... digital death? Well, Im here today with a gentle warning. Maybe less of a warning, but instead a call to action!

How many of us have thousands of pictures, but few... if any, in print? What about recent printed photos? Im guessing for many of us the answer to that is very few, or even none. We have a picture of the silly face our kid made last week on facebook, a couple of the grandkids on our home screen and a ton of randoms in galleries all over the place... but we just dont have them treasured in print like we used to. Photography has become so accessible that we have taken for granted how treasured a photo can be. For many of us, we delete our favorite photo from last week to make room for this weeks. Or when our devices end up broken, our memories go with them.

We may feel like we are documenting everything, but how many of the photos we take are going to be treasured tomorrow? Even if you intend to keep them, how organized can you say your files are and are you updating them as technology advances? Today's usb files may be difficult to access and print in ten years.

Family photos are so important, in ten years you your USB may be outdated but a printed photo will not. Professional photography captures your families spirit and moments that will bring you back to that time and place for decades to come.

Like this gorgeous moment with the Villa family. This one captures the love and energy of their family so well, it deserves to be on canvas in the living room for many years to come.

We cannot let our photos die in our phones. What better way to ensure that your life is documented through the years then to have family photos taken that will last a lifetime? At shutterpix photography we capture life in many ways: weddings, boudoir, announcements, family photos, generational photos, newborn photography, pet photography.. you name it!

Contact us on our website @ to get your professional family photographs or other special event booked with Shutterpix Photography today.

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