Starting Over In a New Town

Updated: Mar 22

Almost 10 years ago, I had relocated in Corpus Christi, Tx on Dec 25, 2011. I was moving my things to enjoy the beach in sunny, breezy warm weather. I didn't have a friend network or any family within 1000 miles! I didn't know how fragile my life would become. It wasn't until I was given a camera that my life completely changed. It was the hobby that created my self worth, my confidence and later, my sustainable future.

So today, I found myself in another totally new place with no one from my facebook or other networks! The first place I visited, was this great auto shop called Brotherhood Garage in Yukon, OK. This is where I met my first client, Izzy. This bubbly, gregarious customer service gal was by far the reason I brought in my Subaru for service here. We quickly hit it off and she booked a day exploring Oklahoma, once my vehicle was tip top again.

We had to start at Express Clydesdales Barn

because it was right next to my new house! Such a beautiful venue for a wedding, the horses were superb and so friendly!

Savannah's favorite horse was Trigger.

The next place we ventured had to be the Wichita Mountains. Mount Scott in Lawton, Oklahoma was our destination. The Portraits by Shutterpix Photography were captured amongst the breathtaking Elmer Thomas Lake and the massive Lake Lawtonka. Izzy wore a very striking black pants suit with flare bottoms and sparkling glitter ankle boots similar to the movie Mamma Mia. Her favorite place for shopping is The Ranch House. Click on the link below.

I hope you scrolled through the beautiful pictures of Izzy and the amazing scenery here!

Lake Lawtonka and Elmer Thomas are just two lakes you will see off in the distance. For some of you, scaling to the top of Mount Scott may make you a little shaky. But, the drive is definitely worth the views!

See Rock Top Vintage (above) for another great stop along your route.

So, now that I have been off the grid a bit, I can stay around Oklahoma City, Enid, Yukon and Norman, Oklahoma to find just the right stops to tell my next story. Who will be my next contender to explore? Check out my Facebook for new and exciting drawings happening for Oklahoma visitors or hometown peeps!

You can also follow my work @shutterpixphotography on Instagram. Shutterpix Photography captures Weddings, Engagements, Family and BOUDOIR! "Express Yourself"

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