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"Meet Our Talented Team of Photographers"

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Chantal Dubois

Oklahoma City Photographer

Chantal is a seasoned photographer with over 25 years of experience in the industry, having owned her own business for the past 12 years. With a background as a model and muse, Chantal has been contracted for over 6 modeling contracts for various artists and advertising, bringing a wealth of creativity and retouching skills to her work. Her unique ability to merge your vision with hers produces one-of-a-kind results every time, making her a joy to work with and a true professional.

As a professional photographer, Chantal specializes in wedding, family, underwater, and boudoir photography. Her love for animals and sophistication shines through in her work, and she's always up for a bit of spontaneity. While based in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Chantal serves clients throughout the Gulf Coast, including Port Aransas, Rockport, and North Padre Island. She has recently expanded her reach to include Bailey and Lakewood, Colorado, and trains her team of expert photographers to extend her brand and provide exceptional service to clients across the US.

Chantal's passion for travel has led her to offer destination packages, primarily venturing from Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. Wherever you are or want to go, Chantal is ready to capture your special moments and create timeless memories. Don't hesitate to book your session with Chantal today!

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Denver, CO Photographer

Aubrey is a multi-talented Graphic Designer and Photographer with a wealth of experience. She has 10 years of experience in photography and has traveled extensively, visiting countries such as Australia and Europe. Her love of traveling has made her a passionate explorer and tour guide, particularly in her home state of Colorado.

Aubrey has honed her photography skills over the years and has a unique ability to capture the essence of her subjects, whether it's the beauty of nature or the spirit of a city. Her creativity and artistic flair shine through in her work, and her clients appreciate her attention to detail and ability to bring their visions to life.

With her passion for photography and traveling, Aubrey is the perfect tour guide for anyone looking to explore the natural beauty of Colorado or beyond. Her love for her work and her clients shines through in everything she does, making her a valuable asset to anyone in need of a photographer or graphic designer.

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Corpus Christi, TX Photographer

Brandon is an aspiring photographer specializing in capturing moments and emotions with his Sony a6400 camera. His journey began by documenting church sermons, honing his skills in diverse lighting conditions and visual storytelling. Beyond this, Brandon showcases versatility in automotive and landscape photography.

What sets him apart is his relentless pursuit of knowledge, seeking hands-on practice, collaborations, and mentorship. Brandon's ultimate goal is to fuse creativity, expertise, and experience to craft captivating visual narratives. He sees his camera not just as a tool, but as a conduit to convey the depth of emotions and compelling stories unfolding before him. For Brandon, photography is a lifelong endeavor to capture the essence of the world through his unique perspective.

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Corpus Christi, TX Photographer

Introducing Jon Thomas, a photographer whose passion turned profession. Born in Korea and raised in Indiana, Jon's life has been a whirlwind of travel, covering 49 states and 18 countries. His diverse journey led him from childcare to mechanical engineering, all while mastering hobbies like cooking and mixology. Yet, it was photography that truly captured Jon's heart.

Starting as a hobbyist, he skillfully shifted from landscapes to portraits over the years. Transitioning from Nikon to the Sony A7, he now photographs for Universal Church Directories, all while aiming for local opportunities. With his eye on expanding his lens collection, Jon is ready to seize every photographic moment coming his way. His dedication to his craft and unique life experiences bring a distinctive perspective to his work, ensuring that every image he captures tells a compelling story. Jon's passion shines through in every photograph, making him a valuable asset to our team.