How To Prepare For Your Boudoir Shoot

Whether you’re soaring with confidence or feeling intimidated by your upcoming boudoir session, these tips and tricks will help prepare you for your photoshoot! Here at Shutterpix, I like to think of the boudoir experience as a fun way to renew your inner self and realize your beauty- inside and out! The best photographs come with confidence, and confidence and preparation go hand in hand!

I like to advise my clients to give themselves the time to plan and prepare, and to save ”la nuit avant” (the night before), for resting and pampering yourself.

Let's start with your luscious locks!

A fresh trim and root touch up, along with a deep conditioning treatment is a sure way to feel like a model for your shoot. Now is not the time to make any drastic changes however, just freshen up your look. You will also want a fresh eyebrow wax, but not so fresh that you're still puffy and red. Make this appointment at least two days before your photoshoot.  

With your hair looking its best, lets move on to the face

We‘ve all heard that 8 glasses of water is the key to hydration, but did you know you truly can improve your entire appearance if you maintain this habit? Your skin will become more clear and firm, with a natural glow, and you will have brighter eyes! Even stubborn dark circles will begin to fade with proper hydration. On the night before your shoot, kick up your intake a notch and drink 11.5 glasses of water to really clear the whites of your eyes. You can also consider whitening your teeth to shine through your flirty pout. There are many over the counter treatments, but some salons will offer this service as well. (Also, a quick brush with Coconut Oil!)

Avoid picking at any blemishes for at least a week prior to your shoot. Pimples are much easier to cover with makeup if they haven't been bothered. Keep up a daily face routine, with a round of exfoliation a day or two before to remove any dead skin. If you plan on waxing, give your skin time to recover before the shoot by making your appointment for a couple of days prior. If you're sticking with shaving, let it grow a little first and then shave the night before with a new shaver for a silky smooth finish. For really supple, fresh looking skin- treat yourself to a professional facial before your big day. But don’t stop there, exfoliate and moisturize head to toe! Focus on your heels and elbows and any other rough areas- every inch of your body can be adored in a boudoir shoot and you will feel so confident with silky smooth skin.

Although I do recommend a single glass of wine for your best nights sleep the night before your shoot, do avoid any other alcohol or salty foods to prevent bloating and greasy skin.

The day before your shoot, treat yourself to a relaxing spa day if you can!

Get your nails done and your toes too, enjoy a sauna, anything and everything that gets you relaxed and feeling your best!

Bring 5 outfits to your appointment

You may feel the need to go out and purchase new items for your shoot, which can be fun, but it is never necessary and can cause some unnecessary stress. Contrasting colors and styles turn out beautifully in boudoir, and you probably already have a few outfits that you (or your significant other) really love. I like to advise my clients to bring a good mix of naughty and nice. Bring some darker sexier colors like black and red, as well as fun and flirty pinks and yellows! If you are thin and want to add some curve, consider bright colors and horizontal lines. For a slimming effect wear black and fishnet thigh high stockings. There are plenty of tips online to help you get the look you desire. I also recommend exploring other boudoir shoots for any accessories you might want to include. If you will be wearing any rings or jewelry have them cleaned and sparkling like new for the shoot.  

This shoot is all about you, so adore yourself a little extra for a week. Pay attention to what makes you feel good and appreciate every part of your body.

Every BODY is beautiful and you deserve to look and feel your best for your boudoir experience.


In conclusion, preparing for a boudoir photoshoot can be both exciting and intimidating, but with the right approach, it can be a fantastic experience that celebrates your beauty and confidence. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this blog, you'll be well on your way to feeling and looking your best for your photoshoot. From taking care of your hair and skin, to selecting the right outfits and accessories, every little detail counts in creating a memorable and empowering boudoir experience. Remember to love yourself, embrace your body, and have fun during your shoot. You'll be amazed by the results and proud of the confidence you exude in your stunning boudoir photos.